Stainless Steel - The Real Luxury Jewelry

Stainless Steel - The Real Luxury Jewelry

Silver? Gold? Stainless steel? Less expensive brass? When I started VALENCIA KEY, my first big question was "what metal can you wear every single day?" It didn't take long to realize I only wanted to work with high quality stainless steel!

I could write for days on the many, many reasons to wear Stainless steel, but since this is a blog, not a book, I'll just give you my top seven.


1. STRENGTH! Why do you think ships and skyscrapers are made out of steel? Our stainless steel is 70% harder than gold and platinum. This means it will resist wear, dents, dings, and scratches way better than gold, silver or platinum. And because it absorbs shock so much better, it is a smart choice for bracelets and rings that take a lot of abuse. It always looks new!

2. FLEXIBILITY! Strong but flexible? Yes, just like you, being strong does not mean being rigid! VALENCIA KEY stainless steel bracelets and rings can be squeezed for a custom fit without cracking or breaking. "In life and in jewelry, true strength comes from being able to adjust, adapt and bounce back from pressure when necessary." You can quote me on that. Ha!

3. VERSATILITY! On its own, stainless steel is as beautiful as other white metals, such as silver and white gold. With our expertly done 18K plating, you can also get the look of solid yellow gold. VALENCIA KEY Stars have been wearing their gold tone pieces nonstop for years and they still look brand new. And if you wear VALENCIA KEY with gold, silver and platinum, it fits in seamlessly.

4. HYPOALLERGENIC! Stainless steel will not cause reactions like other metals. You can wear it all day, everyday and never find a green mark on your skin when you take it off. Stainless steel is smooth, without small, invisible crevices where bacteria can harbor. It's also easy to clean, which is why it is used in the medical and food safety industries.

5. SAFETY! In addition to being hypoallergenic, stainless steel can be easily cut off in an emergency, unlike other metals. It also is a poor conductor of electricity. Compare stainless steel conducting 16 volts, versus gold that conducts 310 volts and silver, which conducts 429 volts. Other metals can give you a strong shock. Hopefully, we won't ever be in a situation where this matters, but it is still worth noting.

6. AFFORDABLE! I want everyone to be able to enjoy designer, luxury jewelry. Stainless steel is a true luxury that doesn't carry an exorbitant price tag. That said, there are degrees of quality within stainless steel. I prefer to use surgical stainless steel, which is more expensive than other types, but will not suffer corrosion. I want you to be able to buy a piece of VALENCIA KEY and enjoy it for a lifetime.

7. ECO FRIENDLY! VALENCIA KEY cares about our environmental impact. Stainless steel is a wonderful green material because it is 100% recyclable. More than half of the stainless steel being used today was created from recycled steel. Plus, producing stainless steel does not create toxic run-off!

While there are countless other reasons to wear stainless steel, these seven give you insight into why I insist on this luxury metal for my jewelry. So wear your VALENCIA KEY stainless steel jewelry proudly and confidently, knowing that your designer, wearable JOY pieces will bring you happiness for many years to come!



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