Welcome to our Shining Star Affiliate Program

Where we believe that together, we can Shine Brighter!

VALENCIA KEY is all about empowering individuals to shine like the stars they are. We've
created our Affiliate Program to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share our brand
values and mission of spreading light and joy to the world.

As a Shining Star Affiliate, you have the opportunity to shine bright in four exciting ways:

Content Creators - Key Creator 

As a Content Creator Affiliate, you'll collaborate with us to produce meaningful and inspiring content. Whether it's captivating videos, eye-catching pictures, or compelling copy, your creativity will help share the VALENCIA KEY message with the world. In return, you'll receive a free product, and you'll be rewarded based on how much content you create and sell.

Live Selling Store - Key Sales 

In this exciting collaboration, Affiliates become live sellers, showcasing our empowering products to their audience. You'll earn a percentage of the sales you generate, and we're thrilled to support you by sharing your live selling sessions on our platform too.

Host Inspiring In-Person Events - Key Host  

We invite our Affiliates to host intentional gatherings and inspiring events for their network. With the opportunity to purchase our products at wholesale prices for selling or gifting, you'll be fully equipped to make these events unforgettable. We'll provide you with the event script and guidance on workshops, activities, and even a guided meditation to make each gathering impactful. Partnering with organizations like homeless shelters and schools is a beautiful way to tangibly give back.

Elevate with Growing Commissions and Personal Discounts- Key Ambassador

As an Ambassador, your commission rate increases based on your followers, engagement, and sales. Receive a discount code to share with your friends, loved ones and community. The more you shine, the brighter you'll glow in our program. Additionally, enjoy a personal discount, so you can continue to wear and share the beauty of VALENCIA KEY with others.

Are you ready to Shine Bright with us? Join our Shining Star Affiliate Program and become an essential part of the VALENCIA KEY mission to spread Light, Joy, and Empowerment. 

Together, we'll unlock the potential to create positive change in the world. Apply today and let's Shine even Brighter together!

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