It is my life’s purpose to create beautiful, wearable jewelry that motivates and elevates. I got tired of seeing inspirational jewelry that was not designer quality - and seeing "designer" jewelry that felt cold and lacked meaning. I want you to experience wearable luxury that reminds you to


Lia Valencia Key

VALENCIA KEY is not just my middle and last name, the meaning of each word defines the mission and heart of VALENCIA KEY Jewelry.

KEY means Crucial Importance / To Unlock.

VALENCIA KEY is how we show up in this world.  I created this jewelry to be beautiful, visual reminders to use LIGHT, JOY, LOVE, GRATITUDE and PEACE as our GUIDING STARS. These principles allow us to truly Unlock our Strength and Bravery.

​My childhood was not easy. It was often very dark -  I have been impoverished, hungry, and  homeless. At an early age, I experienced the loss of the three beautiful hearts that raised me: my mother, grandmother & aunt. Because my surroundings could not give me joy, I decided to create my own beautiful world. I made the choice to be my own source of light, shining my way out of the darkness. Then, and now, I have relied on the words of my mother:

"Your predicament does not determine your destiny!"

Unfortunately, while my mother was able to give me empowering words that changed my life, she died not ever realizing her own dreams. Even in our darkest days, my mother saw my light. I can still hear her say "LIA VALENCIA KEY, never leave the house without your earrings, they represent the sparkling light so powerful inside you!"

Those words never left my heart. They are what I think about when I put on my jewelry everyday and when I sketch new designs. We all have the power to embody light. VALENCIA KEY was created to help us remember that. I want to share my mother's message with you in the form of wearable JOY!

​I hand-sketch each VALENCIA KEY creation with the intention to spread an empowering message- that everyone has a divine right to joy, love, growth, to dream big and achieve your hearts desires.


I travel the world for global inspiration. I created the VALENCIA KEY STAR logo after an inspiring journey to Egypt, Morocco and Spain. During my trip, I kept seeing seeing stars repeated in places of worship, shops - they seemed to appear everywhere. Then, in Morocco, I walked  into a small store filled with huge keys. I asked the owner why he had so many keys, and he replied "They represent the key to light and life." He was just making conversation. Little did he know, he was changing the trajectory of my life! On the flight home,  I sketched a 4 point star created with 4 V's symbolizing Bravery and Light. In the center is a key, which represents unlocking the key to true happiness in life. Now the VALENCIA KEY logo is intentionally placed in each design as a beautiful reminder that in life, all things are possible.

The Joy Is In The Journey